WCRP/RfP Japan to Host ACRP GA Online in October

Following the recent decision by the Asian Conference of Religion for Peace (ACRP) to convene its Ninth General Assembly in October in the online format, WCRP/RfP Japan approved in a board meeting in March the plan to set up a stage to host the four-day online event in a Tokyo facility.

The Ninth General Assembly of ACRP was initially scheduled to take place in October 2020 in Tokyo to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the First World Assembly of WCRP, which was held in 1970 in Kyoto. However, the event was postponed for 12 months due to the pandemic of COVID-19. And because of the unforeseeable nature of the pandemic, ACRP decided to convene the Assembly in the online format for four days starting October 19.

The theme of the Assembly is “Asian Religious Communities in Action: Moving towards an Inclusive, Healthy, Prosperous, Peaceful Asia.”

The virtual Assembly will be proceeded with the software called “ZOOM Meeting” not “ZOOM Webinar” so that the open communication channel among the participants can be secured.

Those who wish to join the open sessions of the Tokyo Assembly are required to register in advance. ACRP shall announce details of the registration in the coming days.