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Task Force Team of Disaster Response


Observation Team Visited Southern Turkey For the Future Aid Activities
In order to monitor the situation of the area affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake which occurred in February 2023, and to evaluate the activities of the humanitarian organizations, an observation team of the Disaster Response Task Force of WCRP/RfP Japan visited southern Turkey for a week in late October.
WCRP/RfP Japan has been offering humanitarian support to the people in the affected area by funding aid organizations and religious institutions. The interfaith group has contributed around seventeen million yen (approximately one hundred and ten thousand U.S. dollars). The group will work on the second aid package based on the fact-finding mission report. (read more)


In cooperation with Focolare Movement, Caritas, and Salaam Lab in Poland, Religions for Peace Japan dispatched 4 multifaith volunteer teams between July to October 2022 to Poland to support displaced people from Ukraine. Volunteer teems implemented workshops such as playing with children, and also provided emergency supplies to those who just evacuated from Ukraine.



Symposium/ Seminar

2023.09.09 Online Symposium "The 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief: Current Situations, Challenges, and the Future."