Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal for An Emergency Relief Aid to Turkey and Syria

Two massive earthquakes in magnitudes 7.8 and 7.5 hit the southern part of Turkey and neighboring Syria on February 6, causing devastating damage to both countries. More than 46,000 lives were lost in Turkey and Syria as of February 18. According to the United Nations, nearly 9 million people are affected by the earthquake. Many people are still believed to be left behind in collapsed buildings in the freezing cold, and the damage is expected to increase further.

The situation in Syria is especially dire. Because of the ongoing civil war for ten years, Syria has no established emergency support system to provide relief aid to the affected area.

Under these circumstances, WCRP/RfP Japan would like to conduct relief activities by taking full advantage of the interfaith network of RfP in the region. WCRP/RfP Japan has been accepting Syrian refugees as international students for five years since 2017. WCRP/RfP Japan will coordinate with these students to help the Syrian victims to whom providing relief aid is complicated.

WCRP/RfP Japan Committee made an emergency donation tothe White Helmetsand the Molham Team. The two civil organizations have been engaged in rescue activities for disaster victims in Syria for more than ten years.

The need for further assistance in the affected area will surely increase in the coming days and weeks. In order to carry out continuous support activities for the victims in the two countries, we ask for your contributions to emergency relief aid. Please extend your helping hands.

1. Donation accepting period: February 13 to March 31, 2023.

2. Donation-accepting bank account: *Donation with Credit Card will be available soon.
Japan Post Bank (Bank code 9900)
Account number 00190-5-633238

3. The development concerning the relief activities will be published on WCRP/RfP Japan website (https://www.wcrp.or.jp) and other publications.