ACRP Tokyo Assembly Postponed to 2021

ACRP/RfP Asia has postponed its General Assembly by one year due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The 9th Assembly was originally scheduled to take place in mid-October in Tokyo to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the First Assembly of WCRP/RfP in Kyoto, Japan in 1970. The Assembly will be held in Tokyo in October 2021.

The theme of the Tokyo Assembly will be “Asian Religious Communities in Action: Moving Towards an Inclusive, Peaceful Asia.” The Assembly will be “a moment to recall and commemorate the past fifty-one years and reaffirm the unambiguous commitment to action envisaging a promising future of ACRP,” according to the organization.

ACRP has convened eight Assemblies since its foundation in 1974. The first was in Singapore (1976), followed by New Delhi (India, 1981), Seoul (Republic of Korea,1986), Katmandu (Nepal, 1991), Ayutthaya (Thailand, 1996), Yogyakarta (Indonesia, 2002), Manila (Philippines, 2008) and Incheon (Republic of Korea, 2014).

As the hosting organization of the Assembly, WCRP/RfP Japan proposed to postpone the Assembly by one year in its board meeting in May.