Help WCRP/RfP Japan Send Donations to People of Myanmar

WCRP/RfP Japan has been accepting donations to help to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Myanmar, who have been suffering from the dual impact of COVID-19 and the military coup.

Six months had passed since the coup on February 1, when the Myanmar military seized power and detained political leaders, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The move evoked a massive protest among the population. Thousands took to the street to demonstrate their opposition to the military rule. Millions joined a general strike. More than 800 people have died in the crash with the armed forces since the coup.

There are few reports of large-scale demonstrations recently, but civil disobedience movements have been going on. People live in fear of violence. People are suffering from a stagnant economy, food shortages, and poor health service.

COVID-19 is also causing fatal damage in Myanmar. The coup had collapsed the vulnerable medical system in Myanmar. 4,000 to 5,000 daily new cases and over 300 deaths were reported in late July.

Those living in poor conditions are most severely hit by the double impact of COVID and the coup.

Deeply concerned by such a dire situation, WCRP/RfP Japan, cooperated with the WCRP/RfP Myanmar, which is working tirelessly to resolving ethnic conflicts and peacebuilding in that country, decided to start fundraising in its board meeting in June.

WCRP/RfP is coordinating with various parties to make sure the donation will be distributed to the hands of people who need the help most.

Following is the bank account information for the donation.

Japan Post Bank (Yucho Ginkou)
Branch: 019
Account Number: 0633238
Account Name: WCRP Japan

(When paying from a Japan Post Bank account, the account number is 00190-5-633238)