Peace Research Institute

Study and Resarch for Peace

"Peace Research Institute" was established as a special research institute for RfP Japan to recieve lectures from scholars who have religious backgrounds such as Christianity, Buddhism, Shinto and etc. to make contribution for peace.





Recent Research

Research Articles Name Position, Organization
Two Types of Democracy Prof. Toshio Kuroda Professor Emeritus, International University of Japan
Development and Environment – Roles and Practices of People of Faith Rev. Minoru Sonoda Professor Emeritus, University of Kyoto
In Search of a Path to the Coexistence of Religions Dr. Makio Takemura President, Toyo University
Reconsidering the Jasper’s Theory of War Responsibility – to Build Peace Ethics– Prof. Akira Kaneko Professor, Oyasato Instiute for the Study of Religion at Tenri University
Recovery of Buddhist Thought and the Sangha – Toward a Community of Independents– Ven. Ryumyo Yamazaki Professor Emeritus, Musashino University
One Example of Spiritual Interaction between Mahayana Buddhists and Christians
– An Encounter of People of Faith in a Conversation of Faith against the Backdrop of the Lotus Sutra and Gospels–
Rev. Juan Masiá Former Professor, Sophia University
“Healing of Memories” – Learning from Michael Lapsley’s Struggle and His Faith– Rev. Prof. Renta Nishihara Professor, Rikkyo University
Thinking about Dialogue with Others as People of Faith – Posing Some Questions about the Total Acceptance of Others– Rev. Shoten Minegishi Director, Institute for Interreligious Dialogue
Role and Importance of Interreligious Dialogue Prof. Kathy Matsui Professor, Seisen University