TF_Promote Education for Reconciliation

Task Force Team to Promote Education for Reconciliation

Task Force Team to Promote Education for Reconciliation holds seminars to educate people who bring about reconciliation from grass root to international level by overcoming various confliction. The seminars offer conflict transformation methods, practice of the dialogue with diverse communities, and learning opportunity about peace building activities by specialists including academics, NGOs and religious communities. Moreover, it puts high value on the problem solving methods based on dialogue and the dignity of life and spirituality, not by violent or military power.


Seminar of Training Facilitators for Peace and Reconciliation

From a tiny dispute within a family to an all-out war between nations, conflicts never cease to exist. How can religious leaders help bringing about reconciliation in such hostile situations? How can they play a role in creating a society that respects diversity and coexistence of peoples of different faith and backgrounds?

In order to address such challenges, Religions for Peace (RfP) Japan hosted a series of capacity-building seminar in the past two years to bring up facilitators for peace and reconciliation. In the seminar, participants learned how to solve conflicts by dialogue, bearing in mind that those facilitators must work on spirituality and respects for life. Religious practitioners, nongovernmental organization members, graduate students were among around 50 participants.

Seminars in 2017, 2018

Back Ground

RfP Japan created a taskforce team for the reconciliation education in April 2016. The team is led by Rev. Toshimasa Yamamoto, a Christian board member of RfP Japan. The team discussed how the religious leaders shall tackle with the issue of reconciliation in the East Asia region, how can they look into the issues of disparity, oppression, discrimination and conflicts in Japan and bring about reconciliation. The team established a common ground of understandings to hold seminars to share the knowledge and skill to a broader group of people.